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Howard Tanner School

Howard Tanner: A Safe Haven for Students and Families

Paramount Unified School District is a Safe Haven for Students of All Backgrounds

In our diverse community, we recognize that many students and their families are struggling with questions, concerns ...more

Today: 5/23/17
8:00 AM SBAC Testing

Regular Day Bell Schedule


TK-K: 8:18am - 1:30pm

1-3: 8:18am - 2:28pm

4-5: 8:18am - 2:40pm

Minimum Day Bell Schedule

All Grades

8:18am - 1:15pm

ST Math

Click on JiJi to go to ST Math



School Name: HOW

Student-Friendly Internet Search Tool


Math Facts Pro

Please follow these steps to log on:

1. Click on Student Log-in

2. Teacher Name: Tanner

3. Fill in and find your name (First and Last)

4. Password: tanner

Office 365

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Smarter Balanced Practice Test Website

OARS Practice Tests


Happy Mother's Day!

Howard Tanner would like to wish all mothers/moms, a wonderful Mother's Day!


Thank you all for your dedication, love, and care!



Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ms. Mercado for being selected as Howard Tanner's Teacher of the Year!

2nd Quarter Awards Assemblies

2017 Math Olympics

February Students of the Month

5th Grade Field Trips

Our 5th graders had an opportunity to visit a Los Angeles Cultural Center and El Camino college.

3rd Grade Native American Class Project

The "GRIP Program"


The "GRIP" Program

Gang Resistance Is Paramount or GRIP is a successful, nationally recognized anti-gang program that helps children stay away from gang membership through lessons in the classroom. ...more



The Paramount USD administration is working with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to provide our district direction and information regarding the current Chromium 6 investigative process in the City of Paramount. The SCAQMD is the regulatory organization in charge of the air quality in the area, as well as the agency providing information regarding the current investigation.


The SCAQMD has indicated to our district that their action plan includes the placement of testing equipment in district property.   School district staff will work with the SCAQMD regarding location and timing of the placement and will provide access to their personnel so that they can complete the testing equipment placement.  Additionally, we have asked for information regarding their reports and findings that can be shared with our district community, and they have directed us to their web site, which includes web pages dedicated to information about their air monitoring activities in the City of Paramount, their meetings and processes: http://www.aqmd.gov/home/regulations/compliance/air-monitoring-activities.


Howard Tanner Student Council

Howard Tanner Student Council

Tanner's Vision for Our Future

Our school addresses the needs of the whole child: intellectual, emotional, social and physical.

We believe that all children can learn.

We hold high standards and expectations for student achievement ...more

Kindergarten Visits a Fire Department Station

Howard Tanner's Kindergarten class visited a local Fire Station to learn about how Firemen/women work hard to fight fires and to help people all over Los Angeles.

Covered California and your Health

By law, most people are now required to have health insurance or pay a penalty when they file their taxes. Through Covered California, a program from the state of California, qualified legal ...more

Veteran Howard Tanner Staff

Veteran Teacher.jpg

We would like to thank the following teachers for their dedicated service of 20 years to the Paramount Unified School District and to also thank them for serving at Howard Tanner Elementary:

Kellie ...more

Principal Appreciation from our Students and Teachers

Life in the Classroom

Dr. Seuss Week!

Howard Tanner will be hosted Dr. Seuss week from February 27nd to March 3rd.

Each day had a fun Dr. Seuss dressing theme:

Mixed-up Monday


Wear school uniform inside out and backwards!

Topsy ...more